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Meet the Franchisor Workshop on 4/26/12

Meet the Franchisor Seminar - Tuesday November 8th 

Don’t miss this popular workshop. Find out what it takes to purchase and operate your own franchise.. 
  • Complimentary LUNCH.
  • Learn how to find a business that is right for you.
Get up close and personal with the development teams of 7 Top-Rated Franchise Companies looking to grow on Long Island. These carefully pre-screened companies are searching for business professionals that are looking for the right opportunity to be their own boss.

Featured Franchise Resales
Kensington Company represents exclusive business resale opportunities. Whether you are looking for a Million Dollar facility or a home-based business visit us at our resale table.
  • You are in a career transition or considering one
  • You want the freedom and control of owning your own business
  • You have been or might be downsized or outplaced
  • You are looking for financial security and independence
  • You have always dreamed of owning your own business

Then this Workshop is for YOU!!!

You will...
  • Learn how to find a business that is right for YOU
  • Learn how to finance your business
  • Have one on one time with Top National Franchise Executives

Thursday, April 26, 2012 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM (ET) FREE DINNER
Thursday, April 26, 2012 from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM (ET) FREE LUNCH

Master Franchising, The Best Kept Secret

One of the BEST kept SECRETS in franchising is MASTER FRANCHISING, which is sometimes known as Regional Developers. Everyone understands that franchising is about duplication and consistency. Everyone is looking for the next McDonalds. But did you ever ask yourself if YOU own the next McDonalds, WHY would you franchise? Kensington Affiliates & Associates is happy to answer this for you.

Company’s franchise for two basic reasons, an excellent source of capital and the ability to help insure consistency by owners having a vested interest in the success of their operation. As John Paul Getty once said: “I would rather have 1% of 100 good men, then 100% of just myself.”

Master Franchising allows you to strategically partner with the Franchisor and share in the growth of the concept by managing and growing a region. The KEY word is “Managing.” The Master Franchisee owns the rights from the Franchisor to develop and manage a defined territory, which can be a large metropolitan area, an entire state, an entire region or even an entire country. As the owner of your territory you grow the concept by selling franchises within your region. The reward is sharing with the franchise company the royalty revenue and franchise fees that are generated from the operations within your defined region. LIKE the Franchisor you do not have to be involved with the daily operations of each franchise, but instead Support, Assist and Manage your franchisees.

If you are fortunate enough to own the Master Franchise rights to an exciting concept that is growing you will be able to generate consistent residual revenue from sharing in the royalties that the franchisees pay. The best kept secret of Master Franchising is that you are able to generate all these benefits without the upfront expense that the franchise company had to spend to develop the concept. Master Franchising is the ultimate EMPIRE BUILDING Business.

Master Franchising or Regional Developers usually have numerous revenue streams. Each company is unique, but usually the following are some basic parameters:

Company owned site: The Master Franchise or Regional Developer usually operates at least one unit within their defined region. There are tremendous economies of scale for the Master Franchisee is able to operate their corporate office from their operating unit. In addition, their franchise fees are usually half of what a franchisee pays, which results in more profits to the bottom line.

Franchise Fees: Usually the Master Franchise or Regional Developer share equally the up front franchise fees. Typical franchise fees range from $20,000 to $50,000, and therefore the portion of the fee that a Master Franchisee earns would be $10,000 to $25,000.

Monthly Royalties: This is the GOLD. This is why you purchase the rights to develop a territory. As the Master Franchise or Regional Developer you share in the on going royalties with the franchise company. Typically you will receive between 2.5% to 5% of your franchisee’s revenue every month. This is a tremendous wealth creation vehicle for you and your heirs.

Additional Sources of Revenue: Depending upon the concept and your personal situation, some franchise companies allow for you to share in the profits from the sale of products and services.

Benefits of Master Franchising

Own an Entire Territory for many times less than the price of building one Fast Food Restaurant

Own an Exclusive Territory which will produce Residual Income that YOU are able to control

Excellent Life Style Business

Tremendous Freedom to create an Empire Building Business

Work ON your business INSTEAD of just in the business

Ability to develop sites within your territory with the added bonus of being able to then sell them as an on going business, AND still keep your share of the monthly royalties.

Acquire under performing units and turn them around with the option of  either keeping them within your portfolio or selling them and receive your share of the monthly royalties, WITHOUT worrying about the daily operations of the unit.

Minimum Customers, for the franchisees are your customers. The primary job is to help support and guide them. Remember you also have the support and help of the franchise company. Basically a Master Franchisee is a coach to their franchisees.

Minimal Employees, the primary role is to develop the territory and provide assistance to the franchisees. Until market penetration is developed, very few employees are required; in fact many Master Franchises have at the most an administrative assistant and a trainer. Once the territory is developed a number of Master Franchisees or Area Developers are able to semi-retire and enjoy their monthly residual income which is created by the successful development of their franchise territory.

Equity is built in the business as your territory is developed. As new franchisees join the system the value of the Master Franchise business should be greatly affected in a positive manner. This is what most buyers of companies are looking for; GROWTH and RESIDUAL Income.

Industry specific experience is not usually required, it is more important to have excellent communication and people skills to be a successful Master Franchisee. Remember you are NOT running each unit, you are instead overseeing all of your franchisees.

If you believe that you have the necessary skill set to help grow a company, and desire to build a large empire with consistent residual income then Master Franchising might be just right for you. At Kensington Franchise Sales, we can help navigate the many choices that you have with our professional Master Franchise Experts.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Get the Word Out- Using Public Relations to Promote Your Business

Bill Corbett Jr., President of Corbett Public Relations, Inc. wrote the following article for Kensington Comapny & Affiliates.  We are happy to share the article with you.

Few business owners want their businesses’ to be known as “the best kept secret” in their industry.  If you own a business or manage one the goal is simple, grow and make a profit.  To grow businesses owners need to communicate regularly with their customers, prospects and referral sources who can impact the bottom line. 

Does your company have the best product in your sector?  Does your business offer industry leading services with innovative approaches?  Do clients benefit more when they choose to work with your firm versus engaging your competition?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions or perhaps all of them your marketing program should contain a public relations component.  Marketing a business can be done in many ways, all have their benefits and drawbacks.  E-mail and direct mail campaigns bring customized messages directly to specific individuals.  The problem is that direct mail is expensive and yields low results.  Marketing via e-mail is less costly but must be personalized and reach many prospects to be effective.  While, advertising brings messages to millions, the cost is very high and consumers often mistrust advertising claims.  For professionals, speaking at seminars and networking both offer the chance to communicate directly with prospects.  The drawback is that audiences are often very small.  

This brings us to public relations, the process of working with the media to get your message out to key audiences.  Public relations program objectives are to build name recognition for a company, product or service, educate prospective customers and inform referral sources.  All of these efforts support a company’s overall marketing goal, which is to create more leads, support sales teams and drive sales.

What is public relations?  Public relations is a systematic approach of placing stories about companies, products or individuals in the media.  Examples include a review of a new electronics product in a magazine, an interview with a labor attorney in a newspaper about a sexual harassment case or a live television broadcast at a music festival.  In each case the media is used to attract attention to a specific business. Whether it is selling a product, promoting a service or seeking to bring consumers to an event, each of these vehicles will accomplish the objective.  Although being in the newspaper one time or doing a radio interview is helpful, a public relations program seeks to position a company in a mix of media outlets over time.  Programs will include different messages designed to reach key audiences.  Over time, prospective customers will become more familiar with products and services as well as the company’s name.  When prospects are comfortable with a company or brand name they are more likely to be receptive to choosing the company’s products or services when it comes down to making a decision for a purchase or entering into an agreement.
Media relations programs lead to publicity in newspapers, magazines, on television and on the web.  With the explosion of the internet, opportunities for publicity have become almost limitless.  The internet is where most people start looking for products and services.   Failure to have a web presence beyond your own website in today’s business world is a competitive disadvantage.  Media relations is one of the best and most cost effective ways to get your company name out on the web and spread it around the world.  The more websites, blogs or online communities where articles, interviews and information about your business can be found, the more likely potential customers will be able to find your business.

The value of media coverage should not be overlooked.  Because media coverage comes from independent third parties it is often regarded highly by customers and prospects.  When reporters offer their independent views on products or services, consumers perceive this as a tacit endorsement.  This type of coverage carries a significant value and strengthens corporate credibility.  When competing for a contract or a customer, having a sales package that includes articles that have appeared in the media can be a significant advantage.  

Today media coverage comes in many forms; regardless of the vehicle, having been covered by the media provides the recipient with tremendous value which will positively impact the bottom line. 

This article was provided by Bill Corbett, Jr. President of Corbett Public Relations, Inc., an award winning public relations and marketing firm based in New York.  Mr. Corbett has developed hundreds of publicity campaigns for clients over the past 20 years.  He can be reached at or visit his website