Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tiered Franchise Models Offer Business Ownership Opportunities at Lower Cost

The number of small business owners who feel now is the time to expand their companies is on the rise as is the numbers of owners who expect business conditions to improve in six months.  This is according to a recent study conducted by the National Federation of Independent Businesses.  If you think business ownership might be right for you, now is a great time to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with Kensington Company & Affilates! We will help you discover if business ownership is a good match for you as well as determine the type of business that will be the best match.

Starting off small may help some people take their first step into business ownership and fortunately, many franchisors are providing this opportunity. In response to the weak economy and the difficulty investors may have in securing large loans, many corporations are offering a number of business models at varying price points. Rather than offering full store options only, a franchisee may be able to choose a small kiosk in a mall or a cart they can wheel to different events.

Feedback from franchisees has been positive. Many cite the opportunity to test the waters of a new business on a smaller scale and the opportunity to gradually ramp up business as reasons they like the tiered models offered.

Kensington Company & Affiliates has the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the best model for YOUR SUCCESS.  Give us a call and schedule your free consultation today!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Success Rate of Franchised Business is Higher Than Small Business

The dream of owning one's own business is a dream shared by many. The reality of the risk of business ownership prevents many from pursuing this dream. The answer may be to pursue the dream of owning a franchised business!

A recent study conducted by a well known and respected business consulting company has found that the success rate of franchised businesses was greater than the success rate of small businesses.  In fact, 91.2% of franchised businesses were still operating 2 years after they opened which was 42% higher than non-franchised small businesses!

There are numerous advantages to owning a franchise as compared to starting a small business. There is a proven business model already in place, brand awareness is already in place, and extensive training and support are offered by the franchisor. These are just a few of the many benefits to franchise ownership.

Kensington Company & Affiliates can help you decide if franchise ownership if the right dream for you to pursue. Come see us for a FREE consultation and learn all about franchise ownership!