Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tiered Franchise Models Offer Business Ownership Opportunities at Lower Cost

The number of small business owners who feel now is the time to expand their companies is on the rise as is the numbers of owners who expect business conditions to improve in six months.  This is according to a recent study conducted by the National Federation of Independent Businesses.  If you think business ownership might be right for you, now is a great time to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with Kensington Company & Affilates! We will help you discover if business ownership is a good match for you as well as determine the type of business that will be the best match.

Starting off small may help some people take their first step into business ownership and fortunately, many franchisors are providing this opportunity. In response to the weak economy and the difficulty investors may have in securing large loans, many corporations are offering a number of business models at varying price points. Rather than offering full store options only, a franchisee may be able to choose a small kiosk in a mall or a cart they can wheel to different events.

Feedback from franchisees has been positive. Many cite the opportunity to test the waters of a new business on a smaller scale and the opportunity to gradually ramp up business as reasons they like the tiered models offered.

Kensington Company & Affiliates has the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the best model for YOUR SUCCESS.  Give us a call and schedule your free consultation today!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Success Rate of Franchised Business is Higher Than Small Business

The dream of owning one's own business is a dream shared by many. The reality of the risk of business ownership prevents many from pursuing this dream. The answer may be to pursue the dream of owning a franchised business!

A recent study conducted by a well known and respected business consulting company has found that the success rate of franchised businesses was greater than the success rate of small businesses.  In fact, 91.2% of franchised businesses were still operating 2 years after they opened which was 42% higher than non-franchised small businesses!

There are numerous advantages to owning a franchise as compared to starting a small business. There is a proven business model already in place, brand awareness is already in place, and extensive training and support are offered by the franchisor. These are just a few of the many benefits to franchise ownership.

Kensington Company & Affiliates can help you decide if franchise ownership if the right dream for you to pursue. Come see us for a FREE consultation and learn all about franchise ownership!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Buying a Business? Follow These Tips!

Congratulations!  You have decided to buy your own business! While exciting, there is a lot of information you should know to ensure the business you purchase is the right business for you. Kensington Company & Affiliates offers FREE consultations to help determine if business ownership is right for you. If the answer is yes, then Kensington can help guide you.

It is important to understand that you are not alone in the search for a good business to buy. You will be competing against other buyers so it is imperative to arm yourself with knowledge. Kensington Company & Affiliates can provide expert knowledge, advice, and guidance with NO FEE to you!

Here are some basic tips for you:

  • Communicate! As your business broker, we are here to service you. Let us know the reasons you are, or are not, interested in a business we forward. This will help us fine tune our search and  have you in mind when the right business comes along.
  • Be Honest! Be truthful about your financial situation and your background. We can not properly match you to a business if we have faulty information.
  • Confidentiality Matters! Don't risk the sale by breaching confidentiality.
  • It's Not Only Numbers! While it is important to analyze the numbers, there is more to the business. Learn more about the business, and the seller, by visiting the business and meeting with the owner.
  • This Is Not A Job Interview! Act like a peer, not a job applicant. Show you are a business person who is ready to run the show.
  • Be Respectful! Negotiating is part of the process. Discuss areas where you will need to invest in the business rather than pointing out flaws which may offend the seller. 
Buying a business is a lengthy, detailed process and it is important to understand each step along the way. Schedule your free consultation to learn how Kensington Company & Affiliates can help you successfully navigate your way to business ownership!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kensington Company & Affiliates Has Won the HIA-LI Business Achievement Awards for Small Business!

The HIA-LI, Hauppauge Industrial Association, is the recognized voice for business on Long Island and a powerful force and economic engine for regional development. They provide a forum for business leaders to problem solve and network and have developed a series of initiatives and programs to support future growth of Long Island businesses.

Each year the HIA-LI recognizes business excellence in a number of categories.  The Business Achievement Awards are given to a Large Business (100 or more employees), Small Business (less than 100 employees), Rookie of the Year ( companies that have been operating less than five years), and a Not-for -Profit Organization.

The award criteria is a) positive employer/employee relations, b) commitment to the growth or betterment of the Long Island business community, and c) the three to five year vision for the company's future. Also considered is a) recent outstanding accomplishments, b) technical innovation or innovative processes, c) expansion into new markets, and d) industry leadership.

The 2012 finalists have been announced and Kensington Company & Affiliates has won the Business Achievement Award for Small Business! The winners will be honored at a gala held at the Crest Hollow Country Club on September 12th. We are honored to be recognized for our dedication to Long Island business.

The Business Achievement Awards Gala draws over 400 business leaders from across the Island making it a valuable networking opportunity. If you would like to attend, and possibly meet your next client, click here for the registration page. We hope to see you there and we look forward to building better business on Long Island!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Attitude is Contagious! Positive Attitude Can Produce Successful Sales!

Being successful in sales as in most things, requires two key ingredients-. a good attitude and positive energy. We have all heard the expression attitude is everything. That saying could not be more true then when engaging a prospect in a sales process. No one likes working with people who have a negative attitude. Attitude is contagious; if you are upbeat and positive this will help create positive, upbeat relationships with your prospects.
It is, however,  difficult  to be positive and upbeat day after day when you are in sales. After all sales is rejection and hearing ”NO” all day can wear on even the broadest shoulders. 
If you are a telephone sales warrior, there are ways to help keep your energy and attitude upbeat and positive throughout  the day. Here are three tips to help keep your head in the game: 
  1. Make your difficult calls first:   If you have challenging or difficult calls that you need to make, make them early in the day. I think of those calls much like the dreaded visit to the dentist. Or, If you have a dentist appointment in the afternoon, you spend most of the morning feeling anxious and unfocused.) Make those challenging calls early in the day when you’re full of positive energy and then you can quickly put them behind you and move on with your day. 
  2. Break up your cold calling:  The law of numbers says you are going to hear more “No’s” then ““Yes’s” when calling. And that’s only when you actually get someone on the other end of line vs. the endless voicemails you leave all day.…. Break up the cold calling,  and reach out to prospects that you know are tracking in your process so you can get some engaging conversations into the mix. You will have rejuvenated energy after speaking with a live voice that is appreciative of the information that you are passing along. 
  3. Motion creates emotion:  Stand up, get out of your chair, pace the floor,  do what ever you need to do to get your blood flowing. No one wants to speak to someone who has no pulse, no energy and no passion.. If you are half dead on the phone, you are creating a situation for the prospect on the other end of the line to reciprocate e that low energy. Be upbeat, it is contagious and your prospect will instantly feel that energy. 

You have the power to change your attitude and energy. They are easy simple steps that can be embraced and bought into your sales process that will help keep momentum moving!

-Stuart Levenberg

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to Prepare to Attend a Franchise Show

Kensington Company & Associates understands the importance of connecting a person with the franchise system that is right for them.  To that point, Stuart Levenberg has prepared these tips to help prepare to attend a franchise show. 

Attending a franchise exposition allows you to view and compare a variety of franchise possibilities. Keep in mind that exhibitors at the exposition primarily want to sell their franchise systems. Be cautious of salespersons that are interested in selling a franchise that you are not interested in. Before you attend, research what type of franchise best suits your investment limitations, experience and goals. Then, comparison shop for the opportunity that best suits your needs, and ask questions. 

Know How Much You Can Invest
An exhibitor may tell you how much you can afford to invest or that you can’t afford to pass up this opportunity. Before beginning to explore investment options, consider the amount you feel comfortable investing and the maximum amount you can afford.

Know What Type of Business is Right for You
An exhibitor may attempt to convince you that an opportunity is perfect for you. Only you can make that determination. Consider the industry that interests you before selecting a specific franchise system. 

Ask yourself the following questions:
  Have you considered working in that industry before? 
  Can you see yourself engaged in that line of work for the next 20 years? 
  Do you have the necessary background or skills? 

If the industry does not appeal to you or you are not suited to work in that industry, do not allow an exhibitor to convince you otherwise. Spend your time focusing on those industries that offer a more realistic opportunity.

Comparison Shop
Visit several franchise exhibitors engaged in the type of industry that appeals to you. Listen to the exhibitors’ presentations and discussions with other interested consumers. Get answers to the following questions:
  How long has the franchisor been in business? 
  How many franchised outlets currently exist? 
  Where are they located? 
  How much is the initial franchise fee and what are the additional start-up costs, if any? 
  Are there any continuing royalty payments? How much? 
  What management, technical and ongoing assistance does the franchisor offer? 
  What controls does the franchisor impose? 

Exhibitors may offer you prizes, free samples or free dinners if you attend a promotional meeting later that day or the next week to discuss the franchise in greater detail. Do not feel compelled to attend. Rather, consider these meetings as one way to acquire more information and to ask additional questions. Be prepared to walk away from any promotion if the franchise does not suit your needs.

Get Substantiation for Any Earnings Representations
Some franchisors may tell you how much you can earn if you invest in their franchise system or how current franchisees in their system are performing. Be careful. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that franchisors that make such claims provide you with written substantiation. Make sure you ask for and obtain written substantiation for any income projections, or income or profit claims. If the franchisor does not have the required substantiation, or refuses to provide it to you, consider the claims to be suspect.

Take Notes
It may be difficult to remember each franchise exhibit. Bring a pad and pen to take notes. Get promotional literature that you can review. Take the exhibitors’ business cards so you can contact them later with any additional questions.

Avoid High Pressure Sales Tactics
You may be told that the franchisor’s offering is limited, that there is only one territory left, or that this is a one-time reduced franchise sales price. Do not feel pressured to make any commitment. Legitimate franchisors expect you to comparison shop and to investigate their offering. A good deal today should be available tomorrow.

Study the Franchisor’s Offering
Do not sign any contract or make any payment until you have the opportunity to investigate the franchisor’s offering thoroughly. As will be explained further in the next section, the FTC’s Franchise Rule requires the franchisor to provide you with a disclosure document containing important information about the franchise system. 

Study the Disclosure Document
Take time to speak with current and former franchisees about their experiences. Because investing in a franchise can entail a significant investment, you should have an attorney review the disclosure document and franchise contract. You also should have an accountant review the company’s financial disclosures.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Returning Veterans Make Excellent Franchise Owners

Economic times are difficult, layoffs are common, and unemployment is high. People with jobs worry about losing them and those without jobs are fervently searching for one.  Times are difficult and especially so for the brave men and women who left our job market to fight for our country.  They sacrificed income and time with their families only to return home to a new fight.  The fight for employment.

Kensington Company & Affiliates may be able to help find the solution for veterans returning home by educating them on franchise opportunities. The same skill set that makes a good soldier is often the same skill set thats make a franchisee.

What makes a good franchisee?

  • Passion
  • Drive
  • Self-motivation
  • Work well within a team environment
  • Work well with detailed systems
Franchisors recognize the value in working with veterans and many times will offer incentives to help a veteran get started in the business.  Call us to schedule a FREE consultation and learn if franchising may be the solution for you!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What to Plan for in a Buy Sell Agreement to Prevent Loss of Business & Litigation.

The Kensington Company & Affiliates would like to thank Jeanne Brutman, LUTCF, CBFS, CFS for submitting this informative article.
What to Plan for in a Buy Sell Agreement to Prevent Loss of Business & Litigation.

The Goal:  Transfer of Business shares in a life event to those who wish to keep the business and cash to those that need to be bought out due to the following circumstances:

  • Death:  The premature passing of a shareholder.  Usually Funded with Life Buyout Insurance, assuming all involved are insurable.
  • Disability:  The Unplanned accident or illness of shareholder.  Usually Funded with Disability Buyout Insurance, assuming all involved are insurable.
  • Divorce:  Prevention of spouse of shareholder from causing undue stress on other business partners during separation or divorce proceedings.
  • Discontent:  The inability of partners to co-exist in one corporation for any reason not related to legal or ethical violations.
  • Marriage:  Prevention of future spouses of shareholders from making claim to partial ownership of business in future.
  • Retirement:  The ability for any shareholder to leave at agreed upon time amicably.  Usually funded through combination of cash value life insurance, corporate retirement plans and possibly installment payments from Annuity products or ongoing business revenue (least practical).
  • Felony:  The removal of shareholder that has legally or ethically endangered the company through their inappropriate actions. 

It is usually recommended to go through some level of third party business evaluation of  your business (not done by your cpa) every two to three years to substantiate the value of the business for IRS taxation purposes.   Business valuation can be done from 3 different perspectives. sale of business to outside parties, estimation of estate taxes or internal buy sell agreement. This should be done as soon as possible to get a base line of the business value as it hits profitability.  Flat value amounts can be used, but run the risk of out-dating rapidly and increased scrutiny from the IRS upon business transfer.  Business valuation formula’s are more useful, but also have to be reviewed and possibly revised as the business changes structure over time.  As mentioned above ,it is considered in good form to review the entire buy sell agreement and it’s formula’s or stated business value every 2-3 years, but. if the business is expanding or shrinking more rapidly, perhaps more often is advisable.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lunch and Learn June 19th

Free Lunch and Learn 
with a Leading National Franchise Company
and their Local Franchise Owners

Next Tuesday, June 19th, 1pm
The Olive Garden,Old Country Road, Westbury, NY

If you are looking for business ownership and want a business that offers
fast ramp up, a proven track record and big earning potential. This event is for you!
....and in house franchisor financing.

Learn about a franchise that has been ranked by
Entrepreneur Magazine as #1 in their category for 15 straight years.

(also featured at this Lunch and Learn will be a Franchise Resale for Budget Blinds Netting Approximately 125K and only asking $150K)
A Few Reasons to Learn More about Budget Blinds

  • Low Investment Cost, Under $100K Total Investment  
  • Very Fast Ramp Up and Big Earning Potential
  • Franchisor Financing Available
  • Few Employees
  • Home Based, No Inventory, Low Overhead
  • Flexible Schedule - Make your own Schedule
  • $8 Million Spent Annually on Marketing - in the top 10% of all franchisors.
  • Average Gross Profit = 53%
  • 75% of their franchisees are Men with NO Design or Decor Experience
  • Named the #1 BEST Franchise in their Category for the past 15 Years by Entrepreneur Magazine
  • #1 for 3 years in a row, Franchisee Satisfaction, by Franchise Business Review - AMAZING FRANCHISEE VALIDATION - HAPPY OWNERS, MAKING MONEY
  • Ranked in the top 70 of ALL Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Un-paralleled Training and Support
  • Strong Vendor Relationships and Purchasing Power
If you are looking for a low cost, home based business, that offers complete freedom and flexibility and can cash flows positive in a very short period of time, join us for this Free Lunch and Learn. Most of their franchisees are men with no previous design or decor experience that moved forward with Budget Blinds because of their AMAZING business model with strong earning potential. If you are looking for a business and are on a tight budget, want great support, need quick ramp up and cash flow, then you should invest an hour with us for a free lunch and learn. Don't take our word, meet with local franchisees and speak with 100's of others as you validate and learn about this great franchise opportunity.

Furthermore, they will also fly you out to California to see their corporate offices and put you up for 2 nights to meet their team and view their operations.

Call or email with questions.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Why Corporate Executives Make Good Franchise Owners

Today's economy has caused fear and stress to become a part of our daily routine.  People are worried about finding jobs, keeping jobs, and pay cuts.  We worry about providing for ourselves and our families and watch our quality of life diminish.  It is even more difficult when we feel a lack of control over our financial future.

For some, taking control is a real option. How?  By becoming your own boss and making the decisions which directly affect your finances.  Purchasing a franchise allows you to take the risk of owning your business with the benefits of a built in support system and proven successful business model.

Corporate executives make especially good franchisees because of their business background.  Franchisors typically do not look for candidates that are skilled in their service, but rather look for candidates with good business acumen.   

So what traits make corporate executives good franchisees?
  • Long term vision for the business.  
  • Good leadership skills
  • Quality decision making skills
  • Reliable
  • Good at delegating
  • Hard working
  • Financial savvy
 Kensington Company & Affiliates offers FREE consultations which can help you determine if franchise ownership is right for you.  Call us today to set your appointment!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Surprising Facts Learned at the Meet the Franchisor Workshop

Kensington Company & Affiliates would like to thank everyone who attended and/or contributed to last weeks "Meet the Franchisor Workshop."  We are pleased to announce that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The franchisors reported meeting many viable candidates who expressed the intent to research and consider the franchise.  On the flip side, many people have scheduled their free consultation with Kensington Company & Affiliates to investigate which franchise may best suit their needs.

In speaking with the attendees, we found that the majority of them learned some surprising facts about franchise ownership.  Here are the ones mentioned most often:
  • Franchises DO NOT have to be fast food restaurants! 
  • 85% of franchises can be purchased for less than $250,000!
  • Many franchises are available for less than the cost of a new car!
  • Franchises can be service industries such as cleaning, painting, or staffing companies.
  • Franchises can be educational companies such as day care, tutoring, or test preparation
  • The franchise owner DOES NOT need to be experienced or skilled in the product of the franchise, in fact many franchisors look for people with business skills instead.
  • Work from home franchises are available!
  • No employees, few employees, or many employees are all options.
  • Most franchisors help with financing!
  • Displaced corporate executives tend to be very successful franchise owners.
Kensington Company & Affiliates offers a free consultation to help you determine if franchise ownership is right for you and if so, which franchise is right for you.  Not only is the consultation free, but there is no fee to the franchisee (you) throughout the entire process! There is no risk, only tremendous opportunity to create a life you will enjoy so call and schedule your appointment today!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stress Management for Busy People

In honor of National Stress Awareness Day, which falls on April 16th, Kensington Company & Affiliates would like to share a relevant article written by Donna S. Stein, LCSW, RYT, Psychotherapist.

Stress Management for Busy People

Merely mention the topic of stress management and people grimace.  The word “stress” conjures up a variety of unpleasant images: workaholism, neck and back muscle pain, high blood pressure, irritability, agitation or restlessness, exhaustion, sleeplessness, a sense of dread, anxiety, depression and a suppressed immune system, to name a few.  There’s a sense that although most of us easily acknowledge carrying way too much of it in our daily lives, that there’s little that can be done to lessen it’s negative effects. Wrong! The question you may have to ask yourself is, “how bad does it have to get before you begin to put your health first?”. Fortunately for our bodies and psyches, relaxation practices, and coping skills can be learned and used to relieve chronic stress and lessen the dangerous cascade of stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) that keep us feeling on edge. Relaxing and shutting down an overactive stress response is one of the most important commitments we can make to our health and our sanity. We’ve all heard the professionals warn of the dangerous physical, emotional, and spiritual downside to a fast paced overloaded life.  The reasons to pay attention to the symptoms of stress are significant.  Simply put, your health and life may depend on it. 

Stress itself is not bad; in fact it’s normal. Life is full of positive and negative stressors (events that exert physical or emotional pressure), and the good news is that our bodies are well equipped to handle it.  In a perfect world, we deal with a short-term stressful event, it passes, and we return to business as usual.  Unfortunately, for most of us that is simply not the case.  Today’s stressors are often chronic rather than short term, direct and subtle, and subjective. Issues such as job insecurity, health, finances, childcare, eldercare, juggling the demands of work and family life, information overload and even our homeland security often have no clear conclusion or resolution. Concerns, worries, and fear lurk in people’s minds leaving people in a “wired and tired” state of overwhelmed bewilderment.  “Stress is not just something in your head,” advises Harold Bloomfield, M.D., Ph.D., noted author, psychotherapist, and psychiatrist. “It brings about profound physiological responses that lead to disease and disorder.” In other words, today’s tension headache or insomnia can contribute to tomorrow’s major illness.  It is an important preventive measure to heed our body’ signals early. We may not be able to change our world, however we can adjust or reaction to it, and potentially both lessen the harmful effects of stress and increase our sense of wellbeing now and down the road.

The following are simple lifestyle adjustments that may help your body-mind become more stress resilient, rebalance your overwhelmed nervous system allowing your battery to recharge and repair itself.  Taking charge of the things that make you stressed is not always easy, but it is always productive and will yield enormous physical and emotional payoffs.

1) Get enough deep sleep- One of the most common symptoms of too much stress is poor quality sleep.  Since sleep is a form of surrender, or letting go, it cannot be generated or forced.  The last thing a stressed hyper aroused mind wants to do is let go. Many of the suggestions below will assist this process. Learn what helps your mind and body let go of the day and slip into necessary, health promoting, deeply restorative sleep.

2) Basic R and R- This is nature’s way of recharging our energy reserves. Without proper relaxation the body and mind become overworked and inefficient, good health and peace of mind suffer. Take a break from high-stimulation, plugged-in environments to do something that you enjoy…garden, read, be outdoors in nature, sing, play with your pet, get a massage, tap your creative juices, listen to soothing music, take a power nap or a warm bath.

3) Establish a regular exercise routine- This is without question the best stress reduction tool available, loaded with physical and emotional side benefits. It will help facilitate easier restorative sleep, reduce the buildup of muscle tension and stress hormones, and help maintain good health.

4) Eat a wholesome nutrient rich diet- What, where, and how you eat will all have an important bearing on the state of your mind and body. Be mindful of the effects of caffeine and sugar on your particular physiology. Focus on health maintenance, weight loss can come later.

5) Certain vitamins help lessen stress’s effects by helping the brain produce more of the “feel good” hormones.  Nutrients and supplements also support a healthy lifestyle.  You really don’t want to add a nutrient deficiency on top of an already overloaded stress response.  Life is challenging enough.

6) Relaxation Techniques/Yoga Breathing/Meditation-These ancient mindfulness practices may seem esoteric, however they are simple, easy to learn, and can be incorporated into a modern and busy lifestyle with little effort or special equipment. Slow deep abdominal breathing interrupts the stress cycle and can help maintain a clear head that can more effectively problem solve and concentrate. These practices reliably increase the production of the calming hormones prolactin, melatonin, and serotonin, while decreasing stress hormone levels. Regular practice produces a wealth of positive results in mind, body, and spirit. Try taking a few long slow deep breaths followed by even longer, slower complete exhales next time you feel pressured.  It works!

7) Social Support- Supportive close relationships can offer emotional buoyancy and a place to let off steam while reigning in negative thinking.  If friends or family can’t offer the unconditional sounding board needed, consider seeing an empathic professional who can offer tremendous service if the burden feels too severe.

8)Cultivate A Positive Attitude/Spiritual Practice- Optimism and positive thinking are well worth cultivating even if you’re not the religious type.  The ability to find positive meaning in the inevitable adversity may be one of the reasons why actively spiritually oriented people cope better with challenge, and why they more often describe themselves as happier than those who do not engage in spiritual practices. When we cultivate an attitude that is not driven by approval or results we are better able to move with equanimity through frustration, fear and emotional pain. We become more skillful at dealing with stressful situations, rather than our own emotional reactions to them.

9) Goal Setting- Beyond acquisition and achievements, materialism and consumption, explore and strengthen qualities that bring enduring happiness: Loving-kindness, courage, composure, tenacity, generosity, insight and humor. When we operate from a place that embraces these qualities we experience liberation from the limited world of desiring “things”.

The above suggestions are most beneficial when practiced regularly. They quickly become self-reinforcing as we feel better when we apply them in our lives.  Their effects are cumulative and allow us to better cultivate the emotional resiliency necessary to more skillfully ride the waves of the inevitable stressful challenges we will face throughout life, allowing the possibility of experiencing more of the joy and happiness that is our birthright.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Qestions for the Francisors

Kensington Company & Affiliates will hold a "Meet the Franchisor" seminar on April 26th.  The seminar will provide a great opportunity to learn about a number of franchises and to speak directly with one of their representatives.  With this in mind, we are pleased to share the following helpful tips.

Strong and successful franchise systems don't sell franchises, they award them.  It is important to show the franchisor that you are a smart and capable prospect who is serious about their business opportunity and are motivated to be successful.  As much as you are evaluating the franchisor to see if they have a successful model and are a fit for your goals, they are evaluating you to make sure that you are somebody they want to work with and have in business using their name and system.

When speaking with franchisors it is very important to keep scheduled appointments and be interactive with the franchisor.  Remember that researching a business or franchise is a process.  You are not going to make your decision in one phone call, or one meeting.  You do not need to bombard the franchisor with all of your questions on one call.

It is a best practice to have specific goals and topics that you wish to cover with each scheduled contact with the franchisor.  Below is a list of suggested questions that should be discussed with the franchisor.  It is very important to take the information that you receive from the franchisor and discuss it with their franchisees to make sure there is no disconnect.

Here is a list of questions to bring with you when you meet with a Franchisor:

  • How long have you been with the company and what is your background?
  • Describe the industry you are in and the competition.
  • Is this a growing industry?
  • How sensitive is the industry to technological changes?
  • Who are the competitors and what are the barriers to entry?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?
  • Make sure you understand the fees associated with the franchise.
  • Is there a marketing fund and if so, how are the dollars collected and spent?
  • How long have you been franchising?
  • How many corporate units does the company own?
  • Have any changes been made to the business model or system in the recent past?
  • What are the costs to opening the business?
  • What is your grand opening support? Have you had any failures in your system? WHY?
  • How many units do you wish to award in the next year, three years, five years.
  • Do I get a protected territory?
  • What is the role of the owner in the business?
  • Can you recommend some successful franchisees to speak with?
  • Do you have an earnings claim? Please describe.
  • What training and ongoing support do you offer?  Describe the experience of the management team.
  • Does the franchisor have any plans to sell?  Go public?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meet the Franchisor Workshop on 4/26/12

Meet the Franchisor Seminar - Tuesday November 8th 

Don’t miss this popular workshop. Find out what it takes to purchase and operate your own franchise.. 
  • Complimentary LUNCH.
  • Learn how to find a business that is right for you.
Get up close and personal with the development teams of 7 Top-Rated Franchise Companies looking to grow on Long Island. These carefully pre-screened companies are searching for business professionals that are looking for the right opportunity to be their own boss.

Featured Franchise Resales
Kensington Company represents exclusive business resale opportunities. Whether you are looking for a Million Dollar facility or a home-based business visit us at our resale table.
  • You are in a career transition or considering one
  • You want the freedom and control of owning your own business
  • You have been or might be downsized or outplaced
  • You are looking for financial security and independence
  • You have always dreamed of owning your own business

Then this Workshop is for YOU!!!

You will...
  • Learn how to find a business that is right for YOU
  • Learn how to finance your business
  • Have one on one time with Top National Franchise Executives

Thursday, April 26, 2012 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM (ET) FREE DINNER
Thursday, April 26, 2012 from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM (ET) FREE LUNCH