Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Surprising Facts Learned at the Meet the Franchisor Workshop

Kensington Company & Affiliates would like to thank everyone who attended and/or contributed to last weeks "Meet the Franchisor Workshop."  We are pleased to announce that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The franchisors reported meeting many viable candidates who expressed the intent to research and consider the franchise.  On the flip side, many people have scheduled their free consultation with Kensington Company & Affiliates to investigate which franchise may best suit their needs.

In speaking with the attendees, we found that the majority of them learned some surprising facts about franchise ownership.  Here are the ones mentioned most often:
  • Franchises DO NOT have to be fast food restaurants! 
  • 85% of franchises can be purchased for less than $250,000!
  • Many franchises are available for less than the cost of a new car!
  • Franchises can be service industries such as cleaning, painting, or staffing companies.
  • Franchises can be educational companies such as day care, tutoring, or test preparation
  • The franchise owner DOES NOT need to be experienced or skilled in the product of the franchise, in fact many franchisors look for people with business skills instead.
  • Work from home franchises are available!
  • No employees, few employees, or many employees are all options.
  • Most franchisors help with financing!
  • Displaced corporate executives tend to be very successful franchise owners.
Kensington Company & Affiliates offers a free consultation to help you determine if franchise ownership is right for you and if so, which franchise is right for you.  Not only is the consultation free, but there is no fee to the franchisee (you) throughout the entire process! There is no risk, only tremendous opportunity to create a life you will enjoy so call and schedule your appointment today!

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