Thursday, August 2, 2012

Attitude is Contagious! Positive Attitude Can Produce Successful Sales!

Being successful in sales as in most things, requires two key ingredients-. a good attitude and positive energy. We have all heard the expression attitude is everything. That saying could not be more true then when engaging a prospect in a sales process. No one likes working with people who have a negative attitude. Attitude is contagious; if you are upbeat and positive this will help create positive, upbeat relationships with your prospects.
It is, however,  difficult  to be positive and upbeat day after day when you are in sales. After all sales is rejection and hearing ”NO” all day can wear on even the broadest shoulders. 
If you are a telephone sales warrior, there are ways to help keep your energy and attitude upbeat and positive throughout  the day. Here are three tips to help keep your head in the game: 
  1. Make your difficult calls first:   If you have challenging or difficult calls that you need to make, make them early in the day. I think of those calls much like the dreaded visit to the dentist. Or, If you have a dentist appointment in the afternoon, you spend most of the morning feeling anxious and unfocused.) Make those challenging calls early in the day when you’re full of positive energy and then you can quickly put them behind you and move on with your day. 
  2. Break up your cold calling:  The law of numbers says you are going to hear more “No’s” then ““Yes’s” when calling. And that’s only when you actually get someone on the other end of line vs. the endless voicemails you leave all day.…. Break up the cold calling,  and reach out to prospects that you know are tracking in your process so you can get some engaging conversations into the mix. You will have rejuvenated energy after speaking with a live voice that is appreciative of the information that you are passing along. 
  3. Motion creates emotion:  Stand up, get out of your chair, pace the floor,  do what ever you need to do to get your blood flowing. No one wants to speak to someone who has no pulse, no energy and no passion.. If you are half dead on the phone, you are creating a situation for the prospect on the other end of the line to reciprocate e that low energy. Be upbeat, it is contagious and your prospect will instantly feel that energy. 

You have the power to change your attitude and energy. They are easy simple steps that can be embraced and bought into your sales process that will help keep momentum moving!

-Stuart Levenberg

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